Firewall configuration

Gemnasium Enterprise is designed to run behind your firewalls, inside your network. It should be completely isolated from the outside, especially from incoming connections.

Incoming traffic

Gemnasium only exposes two ports:

Port Usage Protocol
80 clear connection http
443 secure connection https

It’s your responsibility to configure your network and firewall to restrict access to these ports. By default, Gemnasium exposes port 80 only to redirect to port 443. Custom ports might be used, refer to License key if needed.

Outgoing traffic

While Gemnasium Enterprise should be completely isolated from the outside for incoming connections, some outgoing traffic is necessary for normal operation. The following ports must be open on your firewall for outgoing traffic:

Address Port Protocol Usage 443 tcp Sync with Gemnasium main DB 443 tcp Pull updates of gemnasium/enterprise image, if used. 443 tcp Quay docker repository, if used.

What data is sent to

Your content is private, and will remain private. But synchronizing all packages, versions, changelogs, advisories, etc. with Gemnasium’s main DB would require a huge amount of storage and a lot of bandwidth.

To avoid this situation, your instance of Gemnasium Enterprise periodically sends a list of the packages (dependencies) used in your projects to In return, Gemnasium syncer provides all the metadata corresponding to this request, including the security advisories. Gemnasium keeps the following information in private log entries:

  • Timestamp of the current sync request
  • Customer (based on license key)
  • Gemnasium version used
  • Number of packages per type (gems, npms, ...)


Private dependencies are completely ignored by the syncer.

Advisories can be created at any time on; that’s why your instance synchronizes hourly. If one of your projects is using a dependency affected by a security issue, you will be notified by your instance within the hour.


Gemnasium is using data (advisories) from security companies (partnerships only). Your data will never be submitted directly to these companies, but Gemnasium may share anonymized statistical data.